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DENVER (June 28, 2018) Pathway 2 Tomorrow: Local Visions for America’s Future (P2T) – a new education initiative which launches today – matches responsive and agile education policy solutions with state and community needs. Connecting educators, practitioners, parents, researchers, advocates, nonprofit and business leaders, and entrepreneurs with state and local policymakers, P2T and its Partners value innovative and agile solutions with the potential to transform state and local education outcomes.

Launching with a Call for Proposals across the field of state and local communities, P2T will support the development of selected proposals into policy papers and curate the final papers into a catalog of solutions for state and local leaders. In its second phase, it will facilitate coalitions within states and local communities – united by shared policy priorities and intended outcomes – to support the effectiveness of local control in education through the implementation of responsive, local, and regional solutions.

Hanna Skandera, former Secretary of Education for the State of New Mexico, is supporting the advancement of this initiative. “Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege of working with leaders from across the country and heard the local voices reflect on the state of our education system. The consistent theme of an evolving localized education landscape and a need for fresh ideas acutely resonated with me. I believe the time is right to support states and local communities as they lead to impact education policy.”

Jamie Woodson, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The State Collaborative for Reforming Education in Tennessee (TN SCORE), agrees. “Opportunity exists to drive innovation in education policy and practice at the state level.  However there is a need to create a platform for ideas that states can consider and drive forward based on their unique contexts.  This initiative aims to bridge the needs of states in a collaborative way.  For Tennessee, now more than ever, we are looking for that next set of innovative and bold ideas to meet the needs of our state and local communities.  P2T is timely and responsive,” she said.

Today, P2T released its Call for Proposals inviting bold, innovative, and agile ideas. The submission window is open now and proposals must be submitted prior to the deadline on August 31, 2018. All ideas that could positively impact education outcomes at the state and local levels are encouraged.

Detailed information regarding proposals, including required proposal components, submission instructions, evaluation criteria and timelines, is included at


P2T launched in direct response to the evolving needs of state and local leaders. Governors, legislators, civil rights advocates, and education and business leaders agree on the need to invite responsive solutions from local communities and infuse fresh ideas into policy conversations. P2T’s Partners and Supporters represent diverse and bipartisan perspectives and support the critical need for fresh ideas and responsive solutions in state and local education policy. A full list of Partners and Supporters can be found here.

Former Governor of Delaware, Jack Markell stated that “this initiative is keenly responsive to the differing needs of states. The call for policy ideas from a broad array of stakeholders and on a variety of topics will build a comprehensive policy resource that states can utilize in the way that fits their specific need.”

John White, State Superintendent of the Louisiana Department of Education stated “There is a critical need for building long-term education and policy capacity at the state level. We need innovative and implementable policy ideas to build the next generation K-12 and higher education agenda. I am confident that the ideas developed through this initiative will provide an impetus for state-level groups to engage in cohesive and coordinated policy engagement for sustained impact.”

To transform education outcomes, diverse local priorities must inform policy decisions. Representative Todd Huston of the State of Indiana House of Representatives stated “As a legislator, we see the demand for ideas related to workforce and the economy, and strive to ensure the ideas we consider are appropriately aligned between K-12 and higher education. This initiative is responsive to where we are headed as we think about our education systems and improve outcomes for the next generation.”

Kira Orange Jones, member of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, highlights the importance of a responsive approach to local education policy. “We’ve seen increases in graduation rates, AP credits earned, and ACT scores, but these indicators are only part of the story. The complex challenges in our education system require fresh ideas to move our system forward and those solutions must be grounded in the needs of local educators and communities to make lasting change. I genuinely hope that our nation’s most innovative thinkers share their ideas and we are able to uncover new solutions to positively impact our schools and students.”

Jessica Attas, Vice President of Public Policy for the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, hopes P2T is able to further the impact and alignment of local business leaders. “As states are given more and more control and leadership on crafting policy solutions to address our workforce and education needs, the opportunity for state and local chambers of commerce to provide meaningful insights and ideas has never been greater. Strong business engagement is necessary if we are truly to help shape our education pipelines for college and career readiness. This is an exciting initiative that will pull research-driven solutions and compile best practices and innovative ideas to help us determine those policy changes that could help us achieve our vision for a thriving and strong 21st century workforce. We look forward to having this useful resource to help us as we craft our own advocacy initiatives.”

Madeline Pumariega, Chancellor of the Florida College System, highlights the crucial alignment between K-12 and higher education. “Alignment between K-12 and higher education is imperative to increase outcomes for all students. There is a lot of work we must continue to do to improve that alignment from cradle to career, and specifically on accelerated mechanisms for high school students so they are ready to earn post-secondary credential needed to enter today’s workforce. We must find innovative strategies to be more responsive to 21st Century workforce needs by increasing the talent pipeline. This initiative has the potential to uncover creative solutions to meet those needs.”

James Cryan, Founder and CEO of Rocky Mountain Prep charter schools pinpoints the urgent need behind this initiative. “Rocky Mountain Prep is a place where we teach our students experiment, ask tough questions and push each other’s thinking to get to the best answers. Pathway 2 Tomorrow exemplifies that same approach on a large scale to impact education policy across the country. Our RMP scholars are depending on our country’s finest innovative thinkers to rethink our current paradigms and educational system to support their success.”