Allstate Foundation to Support mindSpark Learning’s Next Denver Education Accelerator

mindSpark Learning, a Denver-based national nonprofit dedicated to empowering educators with industry-oriented professional learning experiences, announced today that the Allstate Foundation will support its upcoming Denver Education Accelerator (EA), which begins in October. As an industry partner, the Allstate Foundation will offer real-world industry expertise, support the EA’s curriculum focused on industry-community engagement and social-emotional learning, and provide generous monetary support of $100,000 for the program, which will enable educators to participate at a reduced cost.

mindSpark Learning’s EA is a nine month fully-customizable leadership program designed to support schools in developing innovative cultures, solving their biggest problems of practice and elevating their future by leveraging the foundations of entrepreneurship, collective genius and social good to transform what it means to teach and learn. Moving beyond traditional professional development offerings, the EA strengthens school leadership and shows participants how to teach with an entrepreneurial mindset while strategically fostering stronger relationships between industry and education to increase work-based learning opportunities for students.

The organization has completed five EAs to date. These EAs have supported 120 school leaders from 28 schools in public, private, charter and urban, rural and suburban schools across ColoradoFlorida and New Hampshire.

“The Allstate Foundation is doing inspiring work to transform communities and support nonprofit leadership,” said mindSpark CEO Kellie Lauth. “We’re honored to work with such a dedicated team to transform the way the EA educators think and in turn teach.”

mindSpark Learning is accepting school applications to join its Denver EA cohort until October 7. Limited spots are available. To apply, please visit link.

About mindSpark Learning 
mindSpark Learning, a Denver-based national nonprofit founded as Share Fair Nation in 2007 and rebranded in 2017, is the catalyst and intermediary between education and industry. It empowers educators with industry-oriented professional learning experiences, resulting in more students prepared for the modern workforce. It does so by leading programs and services designed to help schools understand workforce development, participate in work-based learning experiences, foster career literacy and directly connect students to mentors and authentic opportunities at a young age. Its core areas of focus are critical to today’s education landscape and include problem-based learning (PBL) STEM, EdTech, Social-emotional learning (SEL) and Equity-centered Design Thinking. These lay the foundation for skills that are inherently necessary for career success.

mindSpark Learning is re-engineering education by incorporating the voice of community leaders in a variety of field