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With one year to go, here’s where LCTCS stands with its six-year ‘audacious’ goals

By Leigh Guidry, Lafayette Daily Advertiser The Louisiana Community and Technical College System is five years into a six-year plan aimed at driving the system forward and positively impacting the state by 2020. The plan, Our Louisiana 2020, launched in 2014 with six long-range goals. With one year left to go, system officials anticipate checking off all […]

Aldeman: We Think We Know How to Teach Reading, but We Don’t. What Else Don’t We Know, and What Does This Mean for Teacher Training?

By Chad Aldeman, The 74 Chad Aldeman is a senior associate partner at Bellwether Education Partners and the editor of TeacherPensions.org. All children need to learn to read, and humans have been teaching one another basic literacy skills for hundreds of years. Surely, if there’s one thing our schools need to know how to do […]

Opinion: New York City Schools Got A Little Less Segregated This Week. The Winner Is Everyone.

By Brad Lander, BuzzFeed News No one marches under a banner reading “10% Less Segregated.” And no one should. Segregation is central to the ideology of white supremacy and the reproduction of America’s racial caste system. It should be opposed root and branch. So when the high school activists of IntegrateNYC and Teens Take Charge march, they rightly carry […]

Indiana approves free adult high school education, job training program

By Riia O’Donnell, HRDive Dive Brief: Indiana state residents over the age of 22 will soon be able to earn a high school diploma in addition to certain workforce credentials for free thanks to a new program approved by the state’s Governor’s Workforce Cabinet. The Workforce Development Program, operated by education company Graduation Alliance, will allow Hoosiers […]

Online Company First To Receive State Reimbursement Funds

By Justin Hicks, WFYI An online learning company will soon be given state funding to help adults get their high school diploma. It’s the first organization approved to receive grant money from the Workforce Diploma Reimbursement fund. The Governor’s Workforce Cabinet approved reimbursements for Graduation Alliance up to $6,750 for each eligible Hoosier adult who […]

Student Engagement and Voice in SEL and School Climate Systems

By Kay A. Augustine, Iowa Department of Education The growth of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) in research, practice, and visibility in the media is building in momentum and focus. With this comes the expectation of producing evidence and accountability for the efforts taking place. As the field grows in depth and breadth, the challenge is to […]

AdvancED l Measured Progress Is Changing Its Name to Cognia

AdvancED | Measured Progress, which was formed as a result of two leading education nonprofits merging in November 2018, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Cognia™. The new name comes from the Latin word cognitio, which means knowledge. The name change reflects the nonprofit’s belief that knowledge is the key to helping people reach […]